Pet Memorials

The best pet loss gifts are those that come from the heart. Best Friends’ memorial keepsakes allow you to memorialize your best friend in a heartfelt way.

When you order a memorial chimes or marker, it not only pays tribute to a beloved pet or person, but it also supports the work of Best Friends and helps homeless pets get the love and care they need to thrive while waiting for loving families of their own.


Memorial Markers

Our pet memorial stones come in flagstone, grey granite and rose granite. No matter which you choose, you can make it special with personalized words and/or photos to commemorate a pet.

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Wind Chimes

We offer custom-made wind chimes that can serve as a marker. The beautiful chimes offer soothing and reflective sounds to bring a grieving soul comfort. The chimes can be personalized and make unique memorial keepsakes. These also make thoughtful gifts for grieving pet owners.

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